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FOSTEC Ventures values very close work with talented founders. As they are the most important factor for us in the construction of successful companies, we are always looking for ambitious founders to start new projects with us.

Deep expert knowledge, passion for excellence and “intellectual humbleness” are the most important pre-conditions for us. We look forward to a journey together, in which we can create a significant, sustainable business as partners by contributing capital and expertise .

How can I approach FOSTEC Ventures?

We support start-ups in the Seed and Series A-phase. We are also looking for founders for our own incubation projects. Please contact us directly, we are available at all times.

Seed & Series A investments (Investments in existing Start-ups & Teams)

If you believe in our approach of linking investments and operative know-how, then please contact us. We invest between 10k EUR and 750k EUR in new businesses which fit our investment subjects and which are located in Germany and Europe. We would like to see first tractions or a first product version with disruptive market potential for large and exciting markets.

Ideas (for incubation projects)

Our incubation projects start with an idea. We look for innovative approaches and strong business concepts with potential for sustainable commercial success. With our expertise in key areas we can support the first steps of a start-up. We are always looking for founders who will work together with us on ideas.

We invest to develop champions

  • We pursue an entrepreneurial approach with every involvement.
  • Investment of capital is for us just the start of the long term further development of a business.
  • We have a long-term outlook and offer stability for pursuing long-term goals.

Our focus is sustainable added value through internal improvement and growth

  • Effective orientation of the organisation in line with the business model, operative improvement, focused investment and sustainable growth are important levers
  • The use of external capital is not important to us for appreciation in value and we do not believe in adding value through transactions

We are an entrepreneurially active Investor

  • We become directly active in our share company where required
  • We bring entrepreneurial expertise and management capacity in our share company
  • In this way, we achieve great results in partnership with the management

We invest our own capital

  • We are a private share company, no funds come from external monies
  • We can decide quickly and we do not have to involve third parties in decisions.

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