With the support of FOSTEC Ventures, you will be able to minimise risks with Market Research and put the final touch to your business model. Thanks to our know-how, coupled with the many years of experience in Senior Management Consultation for large companies, you can completely trust us with carrying out various analyses.


Market Intelligence – Analysis of Potential (Demand, Range, Pricing)

In the context of an analysis of potential, a fact-base analysis of channel-specific total market potential (e.g. Amazon, eBay, etc.) is made via real-time crawling data. In addition, competitor data like market share, top selling products, pricing strategy and range performance are determined.

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Customer Journey Analysis

The individual phases and touch-points that your customer passes through before completing the sale are analysed in the Customer Journey Analysis. We can then use this information in a targeted way to give a focus to interactions with the consumer and increase the Return-on-Advertising-Spent (RoAS) of your marketing activities.

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Competition Analysis

We will carry out appropriate sector-specific competition analysis for you to maintain a better understanding of your activities and those of your competitors. From this we will be able to derive, amongst other things, recognition of worthwhile market niches, differentiation and positioning strategies.

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