• What we are
    FOSTEC Ventures is a private share company with 100% equity capital. As an entrepreneur-investor, FOSTEC Ventures is a particularly suitable partner in those situations which require entrepreneurial expertise together with capital
  • What our strategy is
    We focus on incubation projects, start-ups and small/ medium enterprises in Germany and Europe. Our activities are cross-sector with a special affinity to the digital economy. We focus in general on strategic development of value creation along the lines of our core assets of know-how & network
  • What makes us stand out
    The Partners and owners of FOSTEC Ventures combine years of experience as entrepreneurs, consultants and business managers with skills in commercial, financial and legal issues and a focus on the digital economy
  • Our Approach
    We follow the approach of active entrepreneurial investors. For us, the investment of capital is just the start. If needed, we will get actively involved and bring our expertise to bear. The aim of all business models is the development of a sustainable competetive advantage for long-term company success. 


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FOSTEC Ventures GmbH

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