Digilents was founded in 2014 as CEC Connect eCommerce and is one of the leading HR consultancies in the field of digitization and e-commerce. Since then, the digital recruitment experts have been advising companies that want to optimally align themselves in times of digital change. The company was renamed Digilents in 2019 to reflect that the company not only connects candidates and companies in the area of ​​e-commerce, but also in all topics related to digitization in order to increase the company’s value over the long term. Talented and experienced specialists as well as experts are deployed in the cross-sector business areas of the companies. With tailor-made solutions, Digilents covers the exponentially increased need for specialists in the areas of e-commerce & digitization with the help of the handpicked network of experts. Digilents makes the trusting and individual cooperation with its partners and candidates particularly successful.

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