Aivy provides a scientific diagnostics SaaS solution that HR professionals can use to achieve more than standard documents such as resumes. Companies can thus avoid 30% of their mishiring, even before the first job interview.

Aivy’s USP lies in the combination of psychology and technology in personnel selection. The optimization of all forecasts is based on the survey of individual skills as the proven best predictor of work success. This approach enables increasingly precise predictions and at the same time promotes equal opportunities and diversity.

HUM means HUMAN MACHINE SYSTEMS. This is the basic idea of our company and the focus on which we focus our ideas and solutions. For us, the Internet of Things is the merging of tangible components with intelligent software, which should ultimately give people more freedom to concentrate on the essential things in life. Inspired by the possibilities of the Internet of Things and what artificial intelligence will offer in the future, we want to simplify and improve people’s everyday lives.


At HUM Systems, our main focus is on people and their needs.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s our family, friends or work colleagues: everyone has the same basic needs. They strive for safety, health and comfort in their lives. For us at HUM Systems, this is the starting point for all our ideas. First and foremost, we think about people and then develop systems that are designed to meet their needs. In order to understand people, we carry out customer discovery methods, test systems in real life and evaluate the results with the team. Thanks to our optimized design thinking process, we can always adapt the customer journey and aim for the best result in order to develop innovations. Only when we understand people and their needs does the machine come into play.


Today’s Internet of Things offers tremendous advantages in addressing and solving our human needs.

Technology has a lot to offer. But what of it is really useful for humans? Our team is characterized by pairing expertise from the hardware and software area with product management and marketing. As a result, we make the decision on the technology to be used from different perspectives and implement it ourselves, from the printed circuit board to the app. We then test, tweak, and fine-tune our technology until it represents three things: simplicity, elegance, and ultimate reliability. Doing technology differently changes everything.


The system is what connects the two components – man and machine.

Our goal is to turn complex and innovative technology into user-friendly and meaningful functions. This is the only way we can manufacture future-proof, flexible and durable products. At the same time, we build interfaces that enable our system to be integrated into existing everyday life. And that is exactly our idea of Smart Living. Technology exists to help humans meet their basic needs and desires, and the system is designed to automatically adapt to their desires. We therefore understand Smart Living as the merging of people (HUMAN) and technology (MACHINE) into intelligent systems (SYSTEM). With these principles in mind, we developed Livy.

PrimeUp was founded in 2017 and, with around 30 employees in Hamburg and Pune, India, is one of the leading Amazon & e-commerce agencies.

As a full-service e-commerce agency, PrimeUp achieves a competitive edge for its customers primarily through the development and implementation of excellent marketing and advertising concepts. PrimeUp relies on the in-house buyQ® marketing technology. Ambitious medium-sized companies, leading online retailers and Fortune 500 companies use the PrimeUp marketplace expertise to grow profitably as a vendor or seller internationally on Amazon, eBay, Otto & Co. AG was founded in August 2013 by Professor Dr. Jörg S. Heinzelmann founded in Göppingen. In addition to his work as a member of the board of AG, he teaches entrepreneurship, corporate management and organization at the Nürtingen-Geislingen University of Economics and Environment. Since 1997 he has supervised over 60 company start-ups.

“Our goal is to set up and operate a unique online portal for items from the areas of model making, hobbies and toys. Based on an already wide range of model construction articles, we will continuously expand the range with further manufacturers and new product worlds. ”

You will find a comprehensive range of products at the best prices on our website. A first-class price-performance ratio and an excellent quality of the articles, on which you can rely, are just as natural for us as fast delivery and excellent customer service.

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